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Industrial Tape 

Neff Packaging Systems manufactures and distributes a wide variety of specialty packaging materials serving a broad range of industries including: apparel, chemical, container, distribution, warehousing, printing, graphic arts, mail sorting, food and beverage. 



Shurtape CP Series Masking Tape  

Product Description: Specialty, high temperature automotive or UV resistant crepe masking tape. 

Shurtape DF Series Double Sided Tape 

Product Description: Durable, double-faced crepe paper tape. Shurtape quality ensures superior strength, adhesion, and durability. 

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Tesa Double Coated, Plate Mounting, Vinyl and Specialty

Product Description: Specialty tapes covering any application. Call or email for consultation on Tesa's extensive range of products. 

GS Series Filament Tape  

Product Description: Glass reinforced strapping tape for unparalleled strength, and manufactured to resist moisture, solvents and splitting. 


 Shurtape HP 100 Carton Seal Tape  

Product Description: General purpose hot melt BOPP packaging tape with highest quality quick stick, bond strength and holding power. 

Shurtape HP 200 Carton Seal Tape 

Product Description: . HP 200 is slightly thicker and has greater holding power on corrugated surfaces than it's predecessor, along a wider variety of colors. 


Shurtape HP 232 Cold Temp. Carton Seal Tape 

Product Description: Production grade BOPP Packaging tape designed for freezers and cold climates. Used by BEL 130, BEL 150 and 185 Case Sealers

Shurtape HP 240 Printable Carton Seal Taping  

Product Description: Production grade printable BOPP carton sealing tape.


Shurtape HP 260 Printable Carton Sealing Tape

Product Description: 1.9 mil production grade, directly printable BOPP carton seal tape. Used by BEL 130, BEL 150 and 185 Case Sealers

Shurtape HP 300 Carton Seal Tape

Product Description: Performance grade, hot melt, BOPP film packaging tape with maximal stick and hold power. 


Shurtape HP 400 Carton Seal Tape  

Product Description: High performance  grade, hot melt, BOPP film packaging tape. High strength and power. Used by BEL 130, BEL 150 and 185 Case Sealers

Shurtape HP 460 Printable Carton Seal Tape

Product Description: 2.1 mil production grade,directly printable BOPP carton sealing tape. Used by BEL 130, BEL 150 and 185 Case Sealers


Shurtape HP 500 Carton Seal Tape  

Product Description: Extremely durable tape with maximal stick. Use for overstuffed or under filled cartons. 

Intertape Water Activated Tape 

Product Description: All grades of plain or reinforced water activated tape fit with Intertape's aggressive adhesive. 


Economy Class Carton Sealing Tape 

Product Description: A variety of high quality, price friendly carton sealing options. Call a representative for specifications and pricing options.  

Shurtape HP 800 Carton Seal Tape

Product Description: 3.4 mil Ultra High Performance, 50 Micron, BOPP Carton Sealing Tape


Intertape Masking Tape

Product Description

Intertape FlatBack Tape

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