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Protective Packaging 

Neff Packaging Systems manufactures and distributes a wide variety of specialty packaging materials serving a broad range of industries including: apparel, chemical, container, distribution, warehousing, printing, graphic arts, mail sorting, food and beverage.   

Vinyl Air Bags Final .jpeg

Abrasion Resistant Airbags

Product Description: The Type 200 is a rugged, abrasion resistant air bag system that reduces side to side shifting 3x as much as kraft bags. Commonly used paired with Saddle Packs and Bulk Heads.

2x2x3 Edge Protection

Product Description: Short sections of Angleboard used to protect load corners from steel and plastic strapping, while increasing strap tension transmission around load corners. 
Manufacturer: Angleboard

Angleboard Edges .jpg


Product Description: Provides exceptional strength for load stability with higher stacking while maintaining maximal load protection. 
Manufacturer: Angleboard

Angle Wrap By ITW .jpg

Anglewrap by ITW

Product Description: Paper covering smooths over rough edges to reduce paper cuts, decrease packaging costs and creates better looking point-of-purchase displays. 
Manufacturer: Angleboard


Astro Foam

Product Description: Provides cost effective cushioning, abrasion resistance, surface protection and blocking/ bracing in transit in a variety of forms and types. 
Manufacturer: Pregis Packaging Solutions

AstroBubble_green pic.jpg

AstroBubble Green

Product Description: Eco friendly air cushioning surface and void filling material made of 40% recycled materials
Manufacturer: Pregis Packaging Solutions

Bigfoot Vinyl Air Bags  

Product Description: Reusable vinyl airbags that expand and contract with changes in temperature and altitude. 
Manufacturer: Shippers Products

Bubble Wrap Final.jpg

Bubble Wrap

Product Description: Master rolls come in 48 inch and 72 inch wide variations and can be slit and perforated to order. Bubble sizes range from 1/8inch to 1/2 inch
Manufacturer: Pregis Packaging Solutions

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Bulk Heads

Product Description: Custom bulk heads to fit your shipping needs. Bulk heads serve to fill gaps in your load and offer excellent product protection. 

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Product Description: Resistant to moisture and sea air, making it ideal for overseas shipment and wet climates. Cornerboard is made of a durable material made of recycled paper and plastic that is tough enough to take nails and screws, and can be reused numerous times. 
Manufacturer: Angleboard


Product Description: 100% recycled, premium strength water proof edging
Manufacturer: Angleboard Protective Packaging Systems


Gorilla Air Bags 

Product Description: Extra strength polyethylene liner and a tough woven polypropylene outer shell. 

Padloc Plus Packing .jpg

STOROpack Padloc Plus

Product Description: Strength and durability allow this product to be used as end caps, blocking and bracing, and/or moldable cushions for wrapping and void filler. 
Manufacturer: STOROpack

Paper Plus.jpg

PaperPlus Packing Material

Product Description: Recycled paper material that can be molded to any shape for your shipping needs to provide in transit shock protection. 
Manufacturer: STOROpack  

Packing Peanuts .jpg

Pelaspan Bio Loose Fill Packing Peanuts

Product Description: Biodegradable packing peanuts that dissolve in water.
Manufacturer: STOROpack


PerfBoard by Laminations

Product Description: V-Board perforated from 4 inches to 4 feet with custom sizing available. Up to .160 in thickness, with one size accommodating multiple size loads. PerfBoard can separate pallet layers while maintaining corner protection and stacking strength. 


Product Description: A unique design allows Stackmaster to have exceptional strength in resisting the highest levels of compression of any product on the market. 
Manufacturer: Angleboard

Poly Bags  

Product Description: Neff sells a wide variety of poly bags (zippered, wicketed and printed) with one or more colors available. Poly bags keep products safe from moisture and abrasion, while keeping them visible in see through bags. 


Poly Film

Product Description: Neff sells a wide variety of custom-sized films (single wound, colors, centerfold, UVI, shrink poly or printed.) The material is very easy to use and is available in varying thicknesses, width's and lengths. 


Saddle Packs

Product Description: Neff offers a wide variety of custom saddle packs designed to fill in load gaps and protect your products.
-Saddle Packs are often used in unison with Sewn End Air Bags, Superflow Airbags, Bigfoot Vinyl Airbags, and Gorilla Airbags. 
Manufacturer: Greif

Sewn End Airbags .jpeg

Sewn End Air Bags  

Product Description: A unique design helps the sewn end air bag eliminate front-to-rear and side-to-side shifting of loads shipped over-the-road. Product durability and competitive pricing make this product the economy leader in it's class.


Single Face Corrugated

Product Description: Neff sells a variety of single face corrugated that are available on custom width rolls. Single face corrugated provides a versatile material for packaging irregularly shaped materials. 


Storopack Airplus Pillow Pack

Product Description: Light weight AirPlus Pillow Pack can be used for cushioning or void fill and is dust free reusable, recyclable, and capable of being produced on demand. Pillow pack will save you storage space as will as money spent on materials and shipping costs. 
Manufacturer: STOROpack

FOAMplus In Place .jpg

Storopack FOAMplus Foam In Place  

Product Description: This is an on demand, 2-part foam-in-place system. Bags can be dispensed manually or with pre-set fill level. FOAMplus Foam In Place provides maximal protection for you most valuable shipments. 

Storopack FOAMplus Mini

Product Description: The FOAMplus is small enough to be operated on a simple table top and can quickly create a variety of foam filled bags using 5 different volume settings. 

Superflow Airbag  

Product Description:  Cutting edge design puts SuperFlow at the top of it's class. Over 15 improvements were made to the inflator design, along with a new reusable gun/tip design that cuts inflation time by 75 percent. The latest gun design blows back air when optimum pressure is reached, allowing for maximal performance. 


V-Board QuikStik

Product Description: This adhesive backed corner and edge protection features a quick release liner that can be placed temporarily until stretch wrap can be applied to loads.