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Apex Steel Strap.jpg

Apex Steel Strap by Signode

Product Description: A regular-duty, cold-rolled, medium steel strapping. Manufactured with superior edge conditioning and coating. 
Manufacturer: Signode 

Magnus Strap.jpg

Magnus Steel Strapping by Signode

Product Description: Magnus is a cold-rolled, heat treated, medium carbon steel strapping that provides high tensile strength and excellent shock resistance. 

Contrax Strap .jpg

Contrax Polypropylene by Signode  

Product Description: Contrax is a smooth, split resistant strap that is a good choice for light and medium duty applications.  

Contrax Strap .jpg

ACME Packaging Systems Polyproplylene 

Product Description: Ensures reliable securing of your products with low camber for all applications. 

Tenax Polyester Strap.jpg

ACME Packaging Systems Polyester  

Product Description: Strap available from 1/2" to 1" wide, and in various thickness to meet your load requirements. Polyester is a great alternative to steel banding, as it maintains strength while decreasing rust and damage on forklifts and other in house equipment. 

Tenax Polyester by Signode  

Product Description: Tenax polyester strapping provides great load stability during storage and shipping, and is compatible with a variety of Signode plastic strapping tools and machinery. 

CU25 .jpg

Signode CU-25 Strap Cutter  

Product Description: Design allows use for plastic or steel strap cutting. Capable of cutting through strap of any size or width. Cuts strap through 2" x .050.

CU 30 PIC .jpg

Signode CU-30 Strap Cutter

Product Description: Top quality, rugged steel and plastic strap cutters. Cuts strap through 1 1/4" x .035. 


CY 29 Strap Cutter

Product Description: Ergonomic cutter for steel and plastic strapping with a new design that protect's operator's hand. Cuts strapping up to 3/4 x .031". 

CY 30 Pic .JPG

CY 30 Strap Cutter

Product Description: New safety first design, like CY 29. Designed to cut steel or plastic strapping up to 1-1/4 x .035". 

Microgrip Seals Pic .jpg

Microgrip Seals

Product Description: Made for severe impact applications using waxed strapping. These seals have maximum holding power. 

Signode Netsack Seals .jpg

Netsack Seals  

Product Description: Held together by interlocking nibs. Used in combination tools where dozens of seals can be loaded in one quick motion. Commonly used with Apex Steel Strap.  

Open Flange Seal PIC .jpg

Signode Open Flange Seal

Product Description: Heavy-duty snap on seal that eliminates pre-threading to ease and speed operation.

Push Type Seals .jpg

Signode Push Type Seal

Product Description: Used where strap is tensioned by butting the nose of the tensioner against the seal. Designed for use on irregular bundles to withstand higher stress. 

Snap on Seals .jpg

Snap on Seals

Product Description: Open seals are easily placed over the overlapping strap ends either during or after tensioning the strapping. 

Thread On Seal.jpg

Thread-On Seals  

Product Description: Must be threaded over the overlapping strap ends before tensioning tool is applied. Used on bales, bundles and larger strap sizes. 

Signode Mill Wound Dispenser .jpg

Signode Mill Wound Dispenser  

Product Description: Easily loaded with mill wound steel coils or 16" x 6" plastic coils. Built to last in any shipping room. 

Signode Ribbon Wound Dispenser

Product Description: Accepts mill wound or ribbon wound coils 3/4"- 1 1/4" in width. Built to last. 

Tool Balancer.jpg

Tool Balancer

Product Description: Tool balancers are the most effective way to suspend strapping tools from a fixed ceiling bracket, monorail, jib or bridge clean.