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Case Study #1

Elizabeth Latenser

CHALLENGE:Increase Throughput in Ring Bending Division

SOLUTION: The customer was using pre–cut 1 ¼" x .029 Steel Strap and two piece tooling to secure their loads. The excess time it took to pre-thread the seals, manually tension and seal the banding was leaving the machine idle for around 50% of the time. Neff Packaging and the customer worked closely together to come up with the optimal solution.

Added floor dispensers to eliminate precutting.
Upgraded to Signode pneumatic PNSC 34 steel combination tools. This drastically cut down packaging time along with improving worker ergonomics.
Downsized the strapping to ¾" x .025. This saved the customer almost 30% in annual strap and seal costs.
To summarize, the customer was able to drastically lower idle time and greatly improve throughput for this division. Along with these impressive gains, the customer cut 30% out of annual strap and seal costs!